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Top Five April Fool’s Day Pranks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Every year, April Fool’s Day is filled with jokes, pranks and fun. This year there were some great ones.

  1. Uncle Jesse takes over Netflix

If anyone spent their Friday “Netflix and chilling”, then you were a victim of John Stamos and Netflix. The actor and streaming service paired up and changed all of the categories to feature Stamos, like “Popular like John Stamos was in high school” or “TV Dramas That Make John Stamos Feel Things He Hasn’t Felt In a Long Time.” Not only did Netflix make everything on their website John Stamos themed, but they also announced they were releasing a documentary about Stamos’ life, to be released April 31st. Stamos tweeted that he was very excited for the partnership along with a link to the trailer. Then just hours later a video surfaced on YouTube of Stamos freaking out after apparently realizing the documentary was an April Fool’s Joke. He tweeted out his anger, and Netflix issued an apology in a video from Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. Sarandos vehemently apologized. The camera zooms out and there Stamos is, handing Sarandos a paper that says, “And doesn’t John Stamos look great.” Well yes, he does, and he is #winning at April Fool’s. 

Watch the apology here: https://twitter.com/netflix/status/716045644570300416 

2. Gwen Stefani 

The rockstar and former judge on ‘The Voice’ decided to play a prank on her fans— by hinting she was pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby. She posted a photo of a sonogram with the caption, “Its a girl” followed by heart emojis. Good one, Gwen. 

See the Instagram post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDqR16ROLfh/?taken-by=gwenstefani&hl=en 

3. Donald Trump

Although most of us wish it was true, Jimmy Kimmel pulled a great April Fool’s Prank on us. The clip aired Thursday night on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ featuring Donald Trump, presidential hopeful, admitting that his whole campaign was a joke. He told America they were stupid for supporting him and continuing to follow him, and that everyone should vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The ad looked real too, but unfortunately, it was just a joke. Kimmel and his team used old footage and an impersonator to poke fun at the conspiracy that Donald Trump’s campaign is just a ruse to get Clinton into the White House. Looks like we are still stuck with Trump.

Watch the clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO-1ePYypdU  

4. Hamburger Helper Mixtape

Yes, you are reading that right. The packaged food product who’s mascot is a smiling, talking glove dropped a mixtape for April Fool’s Day. The real plot twist? It’s actually good. Like really good. Local rapper from Minneapolis (where the brands headquarters are located), Taylor Madrigal (DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip) and producer Bobby Raps were approached by General Mills a few months ago, and after being given guidelines (the songs had to be family friendly, and of course Hamburger Helper related) the duo took it from there. The “Feed The Streets” mixtape came together in about a month, and featured local college students and other rappers who helped to make the mixtape what it is. And it is golden, cheesy goodness. 

Hear the mixtape here:  https://soundcloud.com/hamburgerhelper 


5. Her Campus: Kardashian Kampus

HC pulled a fast one on us. Every time someone visited the site, a promotion would pop up advertising Her Campus’ new sister site: Kardashian Kampus. The site claims to have all of the Kardashian ‘koverage’, getting us all of the ‘koveted’ info about the family. A relief to some and a let down to others, HC was just playing into the April Fool’s Day fun. 

Check out the site here: http://www.kardashiankampus.com/ 

Taylor is a senior at Lasell majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in sociology. She has happily been a member of Her Campus Lasell for the past two years. This will be her second year as Campus Correspondent. She is also involved with Active Minds on campus. Taylor runs a camp during the summer, and in her free time likes to bake cookies, get swoll at the gym, eat fancy food and travel through Europe.