The Top 5 College Girl Anthems to Rock Out to All Semester Long

Here’s a list of the top five songs every college girl needs on her playlist ASAP.

1: “Hot Girl Summer” By: Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign, and Nicki Minaj

This song is honestly such a bop and nailing Nicki’s rap parts just hit differently. Especially when you’re jammin with your girls in the car.

2: “Level Up” By: Ciara

This song is great for pumping someone up because of how fast it gets. As well as just being a song that’s fun to dance too. 

3: “Birthday” By: Anne-Marie

Personally, as someone who just had a birthday, I played this song all day.     In my room, in the shower, in the car, and even just walking to class. So if any of you ladies have a birthday coming up or a friend does, play this for them. It’s even fun when it isn’t someone's birthday as I discovered days before mine.

4: “Don’t Call Me Up” By: Mabel

Don’t Call Me Up isn’t as fast as some of the other songs, but it’s still fun to dance it out or yell it out. Especially if you’ve moved on from a boy or just got out of a relationship. 

5: “Switch Up” By: Toni Romiti and Bigrod  

Toni and Mabel should totally collaborate as their songs are similar, yet very different. They both show the girls side of a relationship and how it hurt them. 

Now this playlist isn’t supposed to bring out any waterworks and is only supposed to get you pumped up or feel more empowered that you’re out of that toxic relationship. Here’s a link with these five songs and more will be added weekly!