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Top 5 Best Fall Candles

One of the best things about the fall time is all of the magical scents, and what’s a more calming way to get those scents than through candles?

*Disclaimer* If you live in a dorm room or apartment that has fire rules against candles, please don’t use them!!

1.Autumn Leaves from Yankee Candle- “A vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry and orange blossom.” This candle is perfect for those first few days where it’s just starting to feel like fall again. Starting at $10.99 for a small classic jar.

2. Cinnamon Chai HearthWick Candle from the woods– “A complex scent combining rich redwood with sandalwood and soft amber.” The robust scent of this candle will surely warm any room during the fall season. Priced at $29.95.

3. Pumpkin Chai Tea from Chandler Candle Company – “Our Pumpkin Chai Tea candle is a cozy and inviting scent that pairs rich, creamy pumpkin with warm and spicy chai tea in a delicious, seasonal combination.” This candle will make you feel absolutely immersed into a coffee shop during the fall season. Priced at $20.

4. Pumpkin Pie from Yankee Candle – “Sweet pumpkin, nutmeg, molasses, cinnamon, and a hint of apple in a buttery crust.” This candle has a very homey vibe it will make feel like you are at home in your own kitchen instantly. Starting at $10.99 for a small classic jar.

5.Marshmallow Fireside From Bath and Body Works- “Toasted Marshmallow, Smoldering Woods, Fire Roasted Vanilla, Crystallized Amber” This candle brings all of the best things about being outside in the fall inside. Priced at $24.


Elizabeth is a Senior at Lasell College, she is a writer and President for the Lasell Her Campus chapter.
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