Top 10 Skincare Mistakes You Might Be Making

We’ve all done them, but the question is are you still doing them?  These skincare mistakes can damage your skin and cause premature aging. Keep an eye out and avoid doing these mistakes.

1. Pulling on your face

We have all done it before, pulling on our face with our washcloth when we try to remove your makeup. Maybe you are trying to get your face perfectly clean and tend to use a little to much pressure. When you work with your skin, especially your under eyes, make sure to be delicate and work in a patting/dabbing motion. When workers with your under eyes only use your pinky, to help avoid damage. 

2. Not wearing sunscreen

I have said this before and will continue to preach about wearing sunscreen on your face and neck. Not only does it help protect from the sun’s harmful rays but it also helps avoid premature aging. Sunscreen should be applied before you apply andy makeup on your skin and is very important. 

3. Using too many products and out of order

You can use too many products, at some point it becomes redundant and can affect the effectiveness of other products. It can even cause your skin to be irritated depending on what you are double stacking. If you are new to skincare or wanna do a skincare audit start with the essentials and see how those products work before switching. You did not need to cleanse your face three times. It can also cause skin care products to work if you don’t do skincare in the correct order. After you wash your face you should use water-based products before you can thicker products (as a general rule) and work from thinnest to thickest.

4. Switching up your skincare too often

You need to give your skincare at least a month to see results. In our consumer culture, some people have a closet full of skincare and only use it for a week before tossing it. But you need to be aware that you need to use it every day for a month (or as instructed) before you can say if a product works or not. You need to be patient and wait to see how it reacts to your skin. (If you have irritation or medical advice, however, discontinue product as the doctor suggests)

5. Not using moisturizer 

I don’t know why you wouldn’t be using a moisturizer, but some people don’t think they need it. Use a facial moisturizer specifically for your face, so that it isn’t to thick for your skin. It can also be helpful to have a day and night moisturizer, so that it can soak in better at night but keep your face soft without making you look greasy during the day.

6. Using drying products

Many toners have alcohol in them and you’d be surprised the cleansers I’ve seen with that ingredient. You really need to check the back to see what you are putting on your skin and even if you have oily skin avoid products with alcohol in it. Look for alcohol-free products for great skin. 

7. Exfoliating and using masks too often

Just like using too many products you can over-exfoliate your skin. You should only be exfoliating once or twice a week, Beware of physical and chemical exfoliates, it doesn’t matter what product you use, don’t use the two together as separate products. Skincare masks are also another product where you should read the directions. For face masks like charcoal and clay that are heavy or blackhead masks, you should be wary of overusing them and causing dry or flaky skin. 

8. Touching your face and pimple popping

This is something I am actually working on because I touch my face all the time. Touching your face just isn’t the best thing for your skin because you are putting on the oil and bacteria that you collect throughout the day. It is not only gross, but it can also cause you to break out. Along those lines avoid popping pimples despite the desire. According to dermatologists, not only is it likely to get infected but it can also cause more breakouts

9. Cleansing your face too much

This doesn't just go for people who have dry skin, if you have oily skin and over-cleanse your face it can cause your skin to create excess oil. Yikes!!!  Try to stick to washing your face once or twice a day to help keep your skin from getting oily or to dry. If you have any signs of rashes, extra acne or tight skin, it may be time to cut down on washing your face.

10. Not going to a dermatologist

We all read skincare online and trust our favorite influencer’s product recommendation like that latest skincare line. Why would we need to go to a dermatologist in a world where you can buy skincare anywhere at any time? Well, I have news for you, despite skincare being great with the recent burst of new products, you may still need to see a dermatologist for prolonged issues. It’s not just for acne, but dry skin, rashes, and sensitive skin. The professionals know what’s best for your skin and can help level up your skincare, to have the skin of your dreams.