The Top 10 Car Jams for Your Next Road Trip

Here’s a list of some personal favorite songs to jam to especially when you’re on the road alone or with friends. All depend on the mood you’re in and if you like to mix it up.

1. “Let’s Do It Again” By J Boog

This is a remix of Pia Mia’s song “Do It Again” with a Jamaican twist. It’s calming to just scream out the lyrics when you’re alone or with a friend group.

2. “Night’s Like This” By Kehlani (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

“Night’s Like This” just has a nice vibe while driving and is a good tempo if you’re just trying to chill.

3. “Girls Need Love” By Summer Walker (with Drake)

Summer Walker is a queen so any song of hers would be good for this playlist, but fits nicely with the same vibes that Kehlani’s song gives off. As well it’s an empowering song for women and gives us a voice in an area that women aren’t usually given that voice.

4. “Intentions” By Justin Bieber (feat. Quavo)

From JB’s new album this song is just fun and a feel-good song. Plus who doesn’t love JB?

5. “Go Girl” By Pitbull, Trina, Young Bo

Honestly, I can thank TikTok for this song as it’s become a popular song trend on the app. It’s a good dance song and gets stuck in your head.

6. “Party” By Chris Brown, Usher, Gucci Mane

This collaboration just flows well and you can’t help but dance when this song comes on. If you’re looking for something to spice up the playlist this is it.

7. “Life Is Good” By Future (feat. Drake)

This song brings the beat back and you’ll feel the car vibrating from the bass and you’ll want to rap along and crush it.

8. “Falling” By Trevor Daniel

Falling is a slower song but is very catchy and relatable. It’s the perfect song to shout out if you’re alone in the car.

9. “Ride It” By Regard

 It does get very repetitive, but it’s such a destressing song. If you can’t relax with this song, then you have no chill.

10. “Watermelon Sugar” By Harry Styles

Even if you were never a directioner like myself, give Harry a chance because he does have some recent bops.