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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a bigger fan of a good smoky eye then anyone, but sometimes in life we need a more toned-down look for events, such as a job interview or dinner with your boyfriend’s parents. Here’s some tips on still looking gorgeous while looking natural.


  1. Use a damp beauty blender-

Using a wet beauty blender to apply foundation is a great way to avoid looking too cakey.  This also gives a nice dewy and more natural-looking glow.  

2. Get your foundation color professionally matched-

Usually, if someone’s makeup looks like it might not be the right shade, it’s most likely because they are wearing the wrong colors for their skin tone. This is an easy fix next time you are in Ulta or Sephora; just ask to be matched.

3. Use an eyebrow powder instead of a pencil to fill in brows-

This is important to do because a powder is easier to control and will look lighter and less harsh on the brows. The brows frame your whole face so making sure they look natural and full is super important.

4. Don’t use eyeliner on your lower lash line-

This causes the eyes to look to dark and small. The goal of eye makeup is to enhance the eyes, not to take away from them.

5. Skin prep has to be a priority-

Makeup cannot look healthy and natural if you don’t properly prep your face ahead of time! The right primer and moisturizer are key to any perfect makeup look.  


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Elizabeth is a Senior at Lasell College, she is a writer and President for the Lasell Her Campus chapter.
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