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Tips for Hosting a Friendsgiving Dinner

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What is Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is just like regular Thanksgiving but better! It’s celebrating the same thing, but it’s with your friends and not your family. It’s not all about the family traditions that come with all the family drama. There are tons of cute videos about Friendsgiving on YouTube that also provide some great ideas for decoration, advice, and what it’s like to host a Friendsgiving dinner. I have a few tips for anyone looking to host a Friendsgiving dinner so that hopefully you can enjoy this trendy and wholesome holiday even more. 

The first thing to remember is that it is totally acceptable to be selective with who is invited. Although the concept is to be thankful and welcoming to everyone, the holiday should also be intimate and structured around your truest friends. This holiday should be about being comfortable in your setting with people that you know want the best for you. It is also important to keep in mind others’ schedules when planning a Friendsgiving dinner. Try being flexible with the date. This dinner doesn’t need to be hosted on the actual Thanksgiving day. Once you have the invitations all set, you can divide the workload. This holiday isn’t as fun if you are stuck in the kitchen all day cooking. If you designate a different dish per person, you also ensure that everyone has at least one food item that they can enjoy. 

With the people and the food figured out, you can now think of the decorations. You do you, but I recommend inviting and simple decorations. Personalized decorations are always the best way to go because it adds a more emotional and special connection to the dinner. This also leads into the entertainment for the evening. This could be a movie, a football game, or even just music. The whole point is to be able to hang out with your friends free of any stress and drama. 

Megan Curley

Lasell '23

I'm a senior double-majoring in Hospitality and Event Management with a minor in Marketing. My hobbies include being obsessed with Formula 1, camping, and trying new things.