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Tips and Tricks For Securing a Summer Job

Finding a summer job as a college student is definitely essential, but also brings some challenges with it. Here are some of my tips and tricks for how to sure a summer job!


1. Update resume + find references

This is key to do before you begin your search. It will help you in the long run as well. Being a student, Lasell also has an awesome career center, that can help you freshen up your resume. When I know I am going to be searching for a job, I also let my go-to references know that, and always make sure I have not only their approval to list them but that I have their updated contact information. 

2. Know what you want

At the beginning of your search, you may not have a clue what you want, and that is totally ok! Having some requirements can be really helpful though. One of my requirements was that I wanted my job to be within a thirty-minute drive. I also knew about on average what I was hoping to make, so was able to narrow my search further. 

3. Create a spreadsheet

This may seem a little bit extra, but I found creating a spreadsheet super helpful. I would put jobs that I applied to, with the role and location, as well as jobs that I wanted to apply to. In this spreadsheet, I would also include the link to the application. 

4. Look ahead at your calendar

A lot of jobs these days require that you list a couple of times that you are available for an interview. Being able to look ahead, and the plan is really key. It sets you up for being prepared so you are able to quickly secure an interview. 

5. Have questions ready

On my spreadsheet, I would also include a couple of facts that I liked about the organization. This really prepped me to do the best in the interview, and also ask questions to further see if they would be a good fit for what I was hoping. This also shows the employer that you are well prepared, and really dedicated. 


While this can definitely be a stressful time, remember you are evaluating them as much as they are evaluating you! Find a job that you think you would thrive in!

Rose Keane

Lasell '23

Rose is a sophomore psychology student at Lasell University. Outside from school, she can be found at the mall shopping, hiking, working, or spending time with her animals.
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