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Three Christmas Activities to do with your Family.

     Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. It is somewhat stressful having to plan and figure out what you are going to get all your loved ones. However, there’s no school work to be done and you get to just enjoy the time with your family and friends. There are so many festive-related activities that you can do with your friends, family, significant other, or by yourself.  

  1. One activity you can do with your family is go and pick out a Christmas tree together. It’s such a fun time going to the tree farm and spotting the perfect tree that you get to cut down yourself. In my family, our tradition is that each year it is a different sibling’s turn to pick out the tree and it rotates in the same order. We also try to pick out the biggest one because I have an older house that has crazy high ceilings, so we get a bigger tree than your average tree. Then once you bring it home you can set it up and let the branches settle for a little bit. Once it has settled it’s time to decorate! My family plays Christmas music while we all decorate the tree and it’s cute to see the homemade ornaments every year. 
  1.  Another activity that you can do with your family is go sledding. I know it sounds childish, but sometimes it’s exactly what a college kid needs. Put on the ski pants and hit the giant hills in your neighborhood or even just your backyard. Once you get too cold you can come back in a warm-up with some hot chocolate.     
  1. Lastly, is to watch a Christmas movie or have a marathon of them. Fan favorites in my household are Elf, The Grinch, The Santa Clause series, and the Home Alone series snuggling up in the living room with all the Christmas decor around you. You could even bake Christmas cookies beforehand to have while watching the movie, with a big cup of hot chocolate and whip cream. 
Kaylee Bickford is a Junior at Lasell University studying psychology. She is also a member of Class Committee as the Junior Class Treasurer and CAB. A few fun facts about her are; she absolutely loves sloths, obsessed with her birthday, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Her instagram can be found at @kaylee_bickford.
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