These Youtubers Will Help Motivate You Through the Fall Semester

It’s a stressful time during the semester. Especially with classes, assignments, jobs, and on-campus activities. Our sleep schedules get wayyy off and we end up watching Youtube videos to keep us awake while getting an assignment finished. It’s a mess for us college students but if we’re already on Youtube, then did you know they’re some great youtubers out there who are more than just influencers but motivational speakers too. If you want to hear from other Youtubers who are or have experienced college like us, then these people are worth a subscribe. 

1. Danielle Carolan 


“She believed she could, so she did” has always been her motto in life. Meet Danielle Carolan. She attends the University of Georgia and has a podcast “Gals on the go” with other Youtuber, Brooke Miccio. She’s the perfect motivator and understands our college struggles. She’s also got a taste for bougie fashion so her haul videos are always the best to watch when you need styling help. She’s your gal !

2. Tasty


Want a night off of the dining hall? Tasty has some great recipes that are easy to make in your dorm or with friends in your kitchen. Holidays are coming up so here is your chance to get out your cooking attire and gather your friends for some yummy and tasty meals.

3. Anne Marie Chase 

We got another college gal for you! AnneMarieChase attends USC and films what it was like adjusting her lifestyle to college life. Her makeup tutorials are also a fun video to have play in the background when you’re working.

4. Brooke Miccio

Another Gal on the Go! Brooke attended the University of Georgia along with Danielle Carolan and graduated in 2019. She is now living in Boston, MA (You might have seen her in the area). She’s still filming lifestyle and motivation videos. She’s a huge vlogger and definitely somebody to check out for traveling and fashion.

5. The Sorry Girls

If you love DIY’s and feeling crafty, you will want to become best friends with these gals. Kelsey and Becky take a different approach to home crafting and are huge dollar store influencers! Let’s get real, most of our door decors are from the dollar store or Primark. Want to learn how to make Anthropologie inspired decor? Check them out here!

6. Shane Dawson 

Everyone who grew up with Youtuber knows this guy! From his wacky characters to his conspiracy theories. Shane has been through thick and thin but still has the biggest fanbase in the world. Makeup artist and Internet sensation, Jeffree Star, has helped Shane become the biggest makeup entrepreneur ever! His conspiracy palette just launched and sold out instantly! If you’re in the need for a laugh, cry, scream, and some makeovers. This YouTuber is for you and his Fab 5 crew.

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