These Are the Makeup Trends You Need to Try This Season

Each season is full of changes. We change our hair, our outfits, our schedules, and especially our makeup. The fall is full of many cool tones and is an opportunity to try out many different looks. Here are some of our favorite fall makeup looks from this season…

1. Red Lipstick 

Red lipstick is a classic look and can go great with any outfit. There are many different varieties and shades you can try to incorporate this look into your day.

2. Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes can be worn all year and can add mystique to any look. They can be worn both in a casual outfit when going to class, or a night out with your best friends.

3. Glossy Lips 

Glossy lips are finally making a comeback. There are millions of different shades to try and can be worn anytime. It is the perfect look when you want to put a little makeup on before class. 

4. Lots of mascara

Keep your eyebrows long and luxurious by using a lot of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. Ultra-Black is a key staple to your makeup collection this fall. 

5. Exciting Eyeliner 

Using a variety of colors, designs, and techniques can make your look pop. this is a technique that is becoming more and more popular. Using out-of-the-box techniques can show off your makeup skills and impress all of your friends. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors or interesting lines to complete your fall makeup look. 

Have fun experiencing and trying out some of these fall makeup looks!