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The Best Stuffed Animals to Buy for Yourself or Gift This Valentine’s Day

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I am a HUGE lover of all things plush, and this means that my collection of stuffed animals only grows every year (or every time I see a cute one while out shopping). In fact, my dorm bed may or may not currently have around eight stuffed animals decorating it. Stuffed animals just add a little bit of childhood whimsy and joy into life, and this is especially true when they’re given as gifts. A classic Valentine’s day gift staple is the teddy bear, but why not up your Valentine’s day gift-giving game this year with these stuffed animals instead? Or, keep reading to find out which stuffed animal you’re going to be buying and gifting to yourself this Valentine’s day (that’s what I’ll be doing): 


Squishmallows have been around since 2017, but their popularity recently has just absolutely skyrocketed. They are some of the softest, squishiest plush ever, and they come in a ton of different styles with new ones being released all the time. They even come out with special holiday collections, like their Valentine’s day collection this year, which would be the perfect place to look for a Valentine’s day gift for yourself or a loved one. It gets even easier too, because Squishmallows are available almost everywhere!


Next up on my list is Warmies, the cutest little stuffed animals with an added twist: they are lightly lavender-scented and after a minute in the microwave, they give off a soothing warmth that lasts a while. They come in such a cute variety of animals, like sloths, the classic teddy bear, and even a dinosaur. Warmies combine the best of both worlds with adorable animals and the soothing qualities they possess, so they make a great gift for yourself or a loved one. I found my Warmie at the Hallmark near me. 


If you’re a huge Disney fan like I am, then this next plush is perfect for you or the Disney nerd in your life. Cuddleez come in a variety of your favorite Disney characters, like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, Olaf from Frozen, or the classic Mickey Mouse. They are the perfect huggable size and are just as soft and squishy as a Squishmallow. They can be found online at ShopDisney or online and in-stores at Target

This list is just a starting point, but there are so many adorable stuffed animal brands out there! Let me know in the comments below if I listed your favorite here, or even if I didn’t. Will you be buying your loved one a new plush for Valentine’s day this year? Or will you be joining me in treating myself to a Valentine’s day treat?

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