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The Best Margarita’s From Margartia’s!

Every Thursday, my friends and I head to our favorite spot, Margaritas in Waltham, MA. We go on this particular day because it is Karaoke night, and from nine p.m. to usually about one a.m., we laugh, have a few drinks, and sing our hearts out with our fellow classmates. It is a great tradition that we will always remember as we are closing out our last year of college. When I am there, I typically get different drinks, so that I can try them out and find my favorite. If you are 21 plus, I highly recommend trying these drinks if you happen to go to the restaurant. 

  1. Green Tea Shots

This drink is always our first of the night. It has a great flavor and, unlike other shots that tend to burn as you drink them, these shots taste so good and are a great beginning to the night. 

  1. Russelrita 

These are our favorite drinks. This Margarita is a frozen Strawberry-Raspberry Margarita and is so good! For those who are not a huge fan of Tequila, this is a good choice because the flavor is overpowered by the fruity flavors in it!

  1.  Heavens to Margatroid

This is my roommate’s favorite drink! It has seven various flavors of alcohol included, and has a taste similar to a Jolly Rancher!

These drinks are a great addition to our Thursday night out! We always have so much fun and also love having some chips and salsa and singing to go along with our drinks!

Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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