Superbowl 2016 Recap

Super Bowl 2016 Recap


You can say Super Bowl 50 was an interesting one as unfortunately the Patriots were not in it, making it questionable for most people on campus to watch. The game started off with Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem in a red sequin suit and American flag platform heels. The game quickly started off with the Denver Broncos taking the lead. With player number 21 of Denver, Talib Aqib, quickly getting two penalties before halftime, the game started to get interesting. The halftime show featuring Coldplay, with special guests Beyonce and Bruno Mars, was enthusiastic and entertaining with the bright colors of the backup dancers, band, and the ending message written across the crowd that read, “Believe in Love.” The Broncos racked up 16 points by the third quarter, with the Carolina Panthers scoring 7. Cam Newton of the Panthers kept his team motivated even though they were losing throughout the game. The Panthers started to catch up as they scored 10 points by the middle of the fourth quarter. As time was running out, TJ Ward of Denver advanced hs team to the 2nd and goal, then a timeout was called by Carolina. A flag was thrown for holding on Demaryius Thomas of Carolina, Denver’s CJ Anderson then scored another touchdown making it a score of 22-10 in the last three minutes of the game. It was no question that the Broncos led the game and they ended up winning Super Bowl 50 with a final score of 24-10.


Hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl Sunday!