The Star of The Super Bowl: Lady Gaga

On Feb. 5, Queen Lady Gaga showed up to the Super Bowl and stole the show. She arrived in an ensemble that resembled the Gaga we used to know and love. Her outfit wasn’t the only thing that brought us back in time, as she started her set by singing some of her old classics including “Born This Way,” “Poker Face,” and “Bad Romance.”

She introduced herself to the stage in a way that showed up all previous halftime shows by actually flying onto the stage. As she was doing flips in the air she started to sing some of our favorite throwback jams. Once she was finally on her feet she began to blow up the show. Literally. When she sang her first full song, flames were going up in the air behind her (It was pretty awesome).

Although the performance was better than anyone could hope for, there was still that slight hope that Beyoncé was going to make an appearance as she sang her old hit “Telephone.” It’s okay Bey, we will forgive you, but only because you’re having twins!

Hearts all around America stopped when she slowed the show down with “A Million Reasons.” They started up again when the performance of “Bad Romance” started.

Finally, someone must have realized that she started her entire performance with God Bless America, and her first full song was Born This Way. We all know she is one of Trump’s biggest anti-supporters, so could this have been a dig at him? Probably, but it made a hell of a show!