Spring Fashion Daydreams Presented in Lasell College's Mini Show

The weather may not be here to agree yet, but earlier this week Lasell College made sure spring fashion was in full effect.  On April 3, the fashion show production class put on a show that showcased stores from all over the Boston area, local designers, and also some of Lasell’s very own designers.

The show, titled Botanical Lands, featured many trends that we will probably be seeing this season, including bohemian and swimwear styles, pastel colors, repurposed denim, and light and airy patterns mixed with cultural influences.  Some of the show-stopping looks of the night included local designer Samantha Gottlitch, one of Lasell’s designers Eunice Yvane, and stores like LF that stood out the most.


*photo by @msalvophotography

Some of our ladies at Her Campus Lasell also joined in on the fun with current president Corinne Hennessey as the show’s student director, and Madison Paloski, Amanda Miller, and Maggie McGovern as models on the runway.



*photos provided by models

The whole show went by super smoothly and was over fairly quickly.  It was cut into two sections with a short intermission in the middle.  Overall, the two fashion show production classes put on an amazing show with unforgettable styled looks, music, and people!