The Spartones Present: Valentines Day Singing Grams

If you’ve been puzzling over what to get your Valentine this year, The Lasell Spartones might be able to help you out. Continuing the tradition started last year, The Spartones will be selling Valentine's Day singing grams for you to send to your boyfriend, girlfriend, fling, best friend, roommate, really whoever you want! They will be selling the grams Friday (2/5) from 5-6PM, Monday (2/8) from 12-2PM, and Tuesday (2/9) from 2-3PM outside of the Valentine Dining Hall. You have three songs to choose from when buying:

  1. Perfect - One Direction

  2. Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

  3. With You - Chris Brown

It’s $3 for 1 song and $5 for 2 songs. When you buy your song(s), you will be asked for the name of the person it’s going to, their dorm building and room number, and your phone number. They will be going around on Wednesday night at 7:30 to perform, when they arrive at your valentine's dorm, they’ll call you so you can let them in. Happy Valentine’s Day!