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So What’s Up With Honey Pot?

Honeypot is a natural, plant-derived company that has graced store shelves the past year in the feminine hygiene aisle. They were featured in Target as one of their black-owned companies as a response to BLM protests.

Bea Dixon founded Honey Pot after healing her bacterial vaginosis with a dream she got from her ancestors. They gave her a recipe for healing her vaginosis, which lasted months, and quickly saw relief from her condition. Her ancestral dream inspired her to create her own feminine hygiene line within eighteen months and within a year her products were being sold in Whole Foods. Today, Honeypot is in thousands of stores across the U.S.

Honeypot is known for a variety of products from feminine washes, creams, and pads. All there [products are made with recyclable material and cruelty-free. They pride themself on menstrual care that is inclusive and uses all-natural products. One of the game changers is their herbal pads which have a cooling effect to help reduce pain, which should not be used if you are sensitive. They also have a nonherbal section for people that are sensitive. They also have a large variety of vaginal rinses that can be used for everyone.

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