Simple DIY Nail Hacks for Your In-Quarantine Mani

While stuck at home in quarantine, you can easily become very bored. A fun thing to do that keeps you creative and having fun is to do your nails. The various styles, patterns, and colors allow for hours of endless creativity. Here are some ideas for simple and fun nails you can try!

1. Basic Manicure

The most simple idea that you can try is painting your nails is by using just one color for all of your nails. You can use any color you want, and even do something out of the ordinary, just to try out something new. This design is very classic and leaves a clean, fresh look for your nails. 

2. One glitter nail 

This is my go-to every time I get my nails done. I do all of my nails one color, except for my ring finger on each hand. For that finger, I do a glitter nail, either in a matching color as the rest of the nails, or a gold or silver to spice it up. This look is super fun and adds a little bit of flair to a classic look. 

3. Dots

Dots are a very simple but super cute look. You can either paint your nails a certain color, or multiple colors if you choose or even just put a clear coat on. For the dots, simply dip the edge of a bobby pin in your nail polish and apply the dots to your nails. You can apply them all over the nail or put the 

4. Marbled Nails 

Grab a mug of water and put various drops of different nail polish colors in it. Use a toothpick to swirl around the paint in the mug and then dip your finger in the mug. This will leave a marbled imprint on your nail so that you can sport a marbled look!

Have fun trying out some of these new nail ideas and becoming even better and making your nails look awesome!