Should You Be Able to Listen to Christmas Music on November 1st?

     At this time every year, the great holiday music debate occurs. This debate, of course, being, should holiday music be played starting November 1st, or should we wait until December to start singing our favorite carols? Everyone has different opinions, but personally, I am on the side of play this magical music whenever you want, before or after November 1. My roommate and I spent November 1 blasting holiday music from our speakers. There are pros and cons of playing this music a month early, but no matter what, make sure to spread holiday cheer at some point before the holiday begins!


  1. You can listen even longer.

  • For those who love the holidays, like myself, listening to the music over a month in advance gives you the chance to experience more of your favorite tunes for even longer.

2. You can find your favorite song for 2018 earlier

  • Usually you have a song that sticks with you for the whole holiday season. Listening for it earlier can give you the chance to find one that can stick with you throughout all of December

3. It puts you in a happy mood

  • Holiday music is very uplifting and bright. It can put you in a great mood especially when you are stressing for finals.

4. It gets you ready for the holidays.

  • The earlier you start listening, the more it puts you in the spirit of the season. Soon after you start listening, Freeform has their holiday specials and it can also make you more motivated for shopping for gifts and decorating the tree.


  1. It’s only November.

  •  Many argue that it is only November and that the holiday season doesn’t start until December, meaning we should not listen until December.

2. It takes away from Thanksgiving

  • People claim that starting holiday festivities before Thanksgiving makes it seem like Turkey Day isn’t important and that it doesn’t matter.

3. What if you aren’t in the mood to hear it yet?

  • If radio stations play this music too early, people may get mad because they do not want to hear it yet.

4. It can cause stress.

  • Hearing this music too early can make people very stressed if their shopping isn’t done or they are stressed about hosting this holiday season.

Each reason and argument is totally valid, but feel free to make up your own mind about when to start listening, or even if you want to at all! This season is supposed to fun and cheerful, so make your own choices to make it that way for yourself!