Shop For A Cause: Janji | Running Apparel

Shopping online is as simple as selecting an item, clicking the checkout button, and entering credit card information. Now, imagine going through the exact same process, but instead the money went back to supporting a meaningful cause. It’s a no-brainer that if a purchase could better the lives of others, why not buy it?

Today many apparel companies are going beyond making a profit, and are partnering with different organizations and supporting varying causes for a better society and better world. A unique performance-running apparel company that's worth exploring is called Janji. Janji is very passionate about ending the global water crisis and 10 percent of all sales go to several organizations they work closely with.

Janji’s website states, “While we know there are many, many worthy causes, we chose the global water crisis for two reasons. First, 700 million people suffer from a lack of clean water. That’s unacceptable. It’s a silent crisis that has failed to receive the attention it deserves. Second, as runners we are very conscious of hydration. We know the importance of being well hydrated before every run.” Janji was started by two Washington University track and field students, David Spandorfer and Michael Burnstein.  

Spandorfer and Bernstein have since graduated from Washington University, and they have made extraordinary advances with their company since then. Janji is partners with several different organizations who focus on the global water crisis, and through these organizations they have helped multiple countries across the world gain access to cleaner water. The countries that Janji work with inspire the designs for their men’s and women’s apparel.

Janji is currently present in Boston as a pop-up store located on 328 Newbury St. until April 2017. This company has also just made a recent collaboration with Ciele Athletics, who are known for their stylish as well as performance-ready hats. See Ciele's GoCap in Janji Purple below! (For more information about Ciele Athletics and Janji’s partnership visit, )

As conscious consumers, we have the knowledge to make better choices when it comes down to shopping.  Janji is asking shoppers to make that easy choice to invest in a quality piece of clothing that can simultaneously improve the lives of others. So, next time there is a five dollar shirt sitting in your shopping cart, think hard about whether that price is truly worth it when one could easily be shopping for a cause. For more information about Janji, visit