Sara's Food for Thought: Blackbird Doughnuts

Looking to find the hottest new foodie spots  around the Greater Boston area?  Or maybe some hidden menu secrets in your favorite go- to chains?  We’ve got your back.  

Introducing Sara’s Food for Thought, a weekly segment and basically your new Bible for everything food related.  Time to sit back, relax, and prepare to get hungry.

How well can a doughnut, doughnut, until it is a dough-not.


Due to the current seasonal depression, I have decided that the cure will be doughnuts.

Therefore, instead of being the traditional person and going to Dunkin, I went to be a hipster at Blackbird.

Blackbird at Fenway is a funtime. The small shop is located next to Target (I love you Target).

The doughnut shop sells fresh doughnuts that are rumored to sell out pretty fast, which is rough for those of us that can’t roll out of bed that early. Although, if your heart really loves a good doughnut and instagram aesthetically pleasing shops, then you're in luck.

You can also find them at Harvard Square and South End, and their hours are Monday to Friday: 7am - 6pm and Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 6pm.

Although they sell drinks and what not, the doughnuts themselves are the real attraction.

The flavors change around sometimes, just to confuse you when you’re there. Although the one consistency is what kinds they serve. Blackbird sell regular doughnuts, cake doughnuts, doughnut cakes (apparently there's a difference), and they also sell soft serve.

At the moment for doughnuts they are selling: Vanilla Glazed, Chocolate Sprinkle, Marshmallow Coconut, Winter Citrus, Strawberry Jam, Boston Cream Bismarck, Everything Bagel Doughnut, and Mocha Fritter.

From personal experience, these doughnuts are worth the wait.

Therefore, on the Sara scale I have to say it’s like an Michelle Obama on the Obama to paying for extra dip scale.


Blackbird's doughnuts are a HUGE dough-nut.