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Samantha Beneski: Freshman DJ takes Lasell Radio by STORM

Samantha Beneski, a freshman majoring in Communications with a Journalism concentration, has already made her mark at Lasell. Originally from Gardiner, Maine, she has taken to the faster paced lifestyle of Massachusetts with great results! Even being new to the school, she already has it wired. Don’t mistake her quiet demeanor for being anything less than spectacular. This girl is an amazing, if not essential, addition to the LC Radio Club. DJ Sam has brought life and fun to the Valentine Dining Hall with her fresh, new take on what makes us click, what music makes us relaxed and content while enjoying meals with friends. She makes lunch a dance party; you don’t miss her great tunes! 

Not only does Sam like to play new songs that we love to hear, but she also remembers that inside all of us is a 90s kid, which means a nice throwback is crucial every once in a while. She states, “I’ve really enjoyed getting feedback from students about how they like my song choices, I’m happy they can enjoy the music while they eat.” 

Within the Lasell community, Sam participates in Crew Club, Chorus, LEAF Club, and Drama Club. She also work for the Center of Community Based Learning. This girl has a lot on her plate, and with all of that running through her head, she still finds time to explore. She enjoys traveling into Boston and checking out different stops along the way. 

Her future plans are to work as a foreign correspondent for a newspaper, as well as covering stories all over the world! With such drive and ambition, there is no doubt she will take the world for all it’s got. If you want to check out her radio show, check it out Mondays and Wednesdays, 12-2! 

Here’s to Samantha Beneski, the real MVP. 

Photo provided by Celeb.

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