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Rupi Kaur: The Poet Representative for the Millennial Era

A blessing in disguise had already existed, but it was only years ago that many of us realized just how compelling it could be. With her powerful eloquence and minimalist style, Rupi Kaur has created such a humble throne for herself and we’re definitely here for it. Before her recognition, she was once just another Tumblr user under a pseudonym, releasing snippets of poetry and art to a small following of about a hundred people, comprised mostly of family and friends. Come 2014, with her self-published book, Milk and Honey, Kaur carved a great way to shedding light to social-emotional issues that need to be talked about. Kaur has such a way with words, like a discomfort you almost crave to live with, but more importantly, a discomfort you want to bring conversation to and share with the world.



Earlier this month, three years after her first release, Kaur released a second book, The Sun and Her Flowers, this one just as groundbreaking as the first. The Sun and Her Flowers comes broken up into five parts all connected to the floral title: wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. Over the course of the book, through her words, we experience all the pain and growth Kaur and her loved ones go through in such a powerful way.

I’ve always been a Kaur fan, no questions asked, but she simply continues to amaze me in everything she does. She seems to be changing the world one page turned at a time. Not only her poetry, but her persona as well, is one no one would complain to be surrounded by. Her humble nature and bright energy floods the earth with light we so desperately need to bring back to the world.

*photos taken from Instagram @rupikaur_


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