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Rover: A Dog-Sitting Site Everyone Needs to Know About

One of the most exciting things to a college student is seeing a dog, and being able to pet it if you’re lucky. We jump at any chance to take someone’s dog for a walk, or even dog sit. If you are someone who shrieks with joy every time you see a dog on the street and get an urge to pet it, you should know about a site called Rover.com. Here, you can make your own profile and just wait for people to to contact you to watch their dog, walk them, do drop-in visits while their at work, etc.

So many people who have dogs treat them like their own children, and are willing to pay top dollar to give them the best treatment. It only makes sense that a site like this exists to ensure that man’s best friend does not get lonely. I mean, come on, imagine waking up to this.

Rover.com is the perfect solution to satisfy your dog cravings, without the commitment and expenses of buying one yourself. Even better, you get paid for doing this. Just imagine getting paid to play with a dog all day, what could be better? Rover.com is similar to sites such as care.com, but with dogs instead of children. It is the perfect match for the modern dog lover.

The only sad part is having to give them back. But the bright side is that you can just get another through the site! It’s a win-win: you get to play with a dog, and the owner gets to live their life knowing their pet is in good hands. So go sign up, and have fun with these little bundles of joy.


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