Reasons Why You Should Binge Watch How I Met Your Mother

Tragedy has hit the internet. How I Met Your Mother is being taken off Netflix Nov. 13. Here are reasons to watch the show for either the first time, the second time, or the 300th time before it gets taken off Netflix. CAUTION: MAY BE SOME SPOILERS.


The Set Up

This show is like one I never really watched before. In this series, Ted Mosby, the main character, is recounting the time he met his wife to his children. Throughout the show Ted dates a series of women, which makes audience think, “is she the mother?” This show keeps the audience questioning throughout most of the series, something thrilling to the audience.

Lily and Marshall’s Relationship

Honestly, there is no love like Lily and Marshall’s. Lily and Marshall are constantly supporting each other and are the best of friends. Things can get between them at times, but their love always is bigger than the problem they are facing.

Barney’s Adventures and Tall Tales

No matter how lame the night is for the crew, Barney always keeps it entertaining and always has a great story to entertain the group. This could be from dating, flirting, or just a total untrue story, it is always a great one.

Slap Bet

The slap bet was made between Barney and Marshall in season 2 and is a reoccurring theme throughout the series. Some of the best episodes rotate around the slap bet, especially in season 9.

Inside Jokes

The gang have their own set of inside jokes which the audience becomes a part of over time. With the jokes and stories being brought up multiple times throughout the series, you feel like you are friends with the whole gang.

The Mother

If you haven’t watched the show, what’s stopping you? You NEED to know how Ted met the mother of his children, and you need to know why people are so upset about the ending of the show.