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Reasons Why Tina Belcher is Our Hero

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Tina Belcher is one of the best characters of Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers.” Sometimes, Tina can be inspirational, or she adds moments of innocence and teenage drama to the show. The daughter of Bob Belcher (the title character), Tina is a 13-year-old main character who can be pretty relatable. Tina Belcher can be awkward, inspirational, and hormonal. Here are ways we all can relate to her or learn from her:


1. She has moments of confidence.

Something great about Tina is that she is comfortable in her own skin. There are times when Tina assures herself and others of their beauty and their worth. Tina knows what she deserves as a young woman when it comes to love, life, and opportunity.

2. She loves animals

Tina is an animal lover, especially with horses and unicorns. Like all of us, she would get excited over seeing a dog, cow, or any other animal that crosses their path.

3. She is incredibly awkward

Tina is known for being uncomfortable in numerous situations. Whether it be crashing her father’s car into the only car in the parking lot when learning to drive, or running into a cute boy, Tina will be making an “UUUUHHHHHHH” noise accompanied by an uncomfortable expression.

4. She can be flirty

Being a hopeless romantic, Tina can be a smooth talker. Tina is constantly writing about her fantasies and love for Jimmy Jr. She tries hard to impress him and other boys by flirting, but sometimes her flirting might be too overbearing.

5. Tina shows empathy towards others

She doesn’t like to be mean to others without a proper reason. She likes to find the good in people who are made out to be enemies. For instance, when Bob explained to Tina why the shark in The Deepening (a fake, Jaws-type of film) was lashing out at the humans, it was because they took away her baby. Tina decides all the shark needs is a friend, and Tina loves to befriend the misunderstood.

6. She is a strong, young woman

Even when life knocks her down, Tina gets right back up. She doesn’t let Jimmy Jr. or any other haters get her down. She knows she is strong and capable of so much. Tina tends to be an inspiration to some viewers.

7. She has her moments of sass.

Because she is a young teenager, Tina has her moments of rage. During these moments, Tina gets a little sassy and rebellious. But sometimes, Tina feels as if she has gone too far, and apologizes. Sometimes, her sassy remarks don’t make sense at all.  

8. She always tells the truth.

Even when told to lie, Tina can’t handle hiding the truth. Tina is always honest, whether that is good or bad. The thought of telling a lie keeps her up at night. Tina is very honorable for her integrity.


These are all the reasons why Tina Belcher is our hero!

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Kyle Mahoney is a recent Lasell College graduate. Kyle majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, with a minor in Business. Kyle has written for Her Campus Lasell for three years, as well with completing an internship with HCHQ Spring semester of 2018.