Reactions to Recent Weather Changes (As Told By GIFs)

New England has become famous for having weather that doesn’t necessarily know what it wants. I mean, just last week we had sunny and 70-degree weather and then just 24 hours later, snow and 35- degrees. It makes absolutely no sense. Since then, you could tell spring is trying so hard to break through on some days reaching a rainy 50-degrees, but then of course it goes back into being cold and in the 30s. Here’s a bit of range of our emotions that this *lovely* weather has had on us.

When it hits 70 degrees out of nowhere:

Winter’s over and so is my seasonal depression? FINALLY! The next day when it snows… :

Really… are you kidding me? We were so close… 24 hours later and it’s almost 50:  

I’m just confused at this point. …But now it’s raining all the time:

And now it’s back to being colder and raining all the time. There is NOTHING I hate more than cold, icky rain every day.  

So, it’s really never certain what’s going to happen here. Overall, I really feel like New England is the only place where you can feel all four seasons in one week. It’s safe to say you should just keep your wardrobe for all four seasons here at all times because you know you’re going to need it.  Three cheers for global warming!

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