A Ranking Of Dunkins' Valentine's Day Donuts

We all love donuts. In the spirit of Valentine's Day and eating donuts, here is a ranking from the most-liked to okay-est of the Dunkin’ Donuts V-Day Donuts (featuring a munchkin).

  1. Lovestruck Donut

Strawberry-flavored icing with a chocolate arrow and a Lovestruck Munchkin. Adding a munchkin is like a two-for-one, what a winner.

  1. Brownie Batter Crumble Donut

Chocolate brownie batter filling, topped with chocolate icing and crumbled brownies.

  1. Vanilla Truffle Donut

Vanilla-flavored filling and vanilla icing with chocolate curls. It's aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Pretty in Pink

Strawberry frosted with pink and white sprinkles.

  1. Lovestruck Munchkins

Chocolate-glazed with pink and white sprinkles. Who can resist the mini’s?

  1. Choc Full O’ Love

Chocolate frosted with pink and white sprinkles.

  1. Cupid's Choice Donut

Bavarian creme filling and strawberry-flavored icing with pink and white sprinkles.

  1. Pillow Talk

Heart-shaped with vanilla creme. Simple and sweet.

  1. Boston Dream

A fancy version of Boston Kreme, but in a heart with red icing drizzle.

  1.  Donut Be Jelly

Jelly Donut in a heart. A classic.

  1.  Roses are Red

Red-colored vanilla frosting with pink and white sprinkles.

  1. Chocolate Double Date

All chocolate with white icing drizzle.

In the end, all donuts are great... so why not eat them all?