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Rachel Olivieri may be one of the lesser known members of the Lasell community but that does not underestimate her importance to campus. Working as a Career Counselor, Olivieri is one of the many members working behind the scenes to help students have a smooth transition from student to a professional in their field.

From Scituate, Rhode Island, Olivieri attended Mitchell College for her undergrad in Communication and attended New England College for her graduate degree in Higher Education Administration. She soon found her way to Lasell. “After viewing the mission of Lasell College, I knew this would be a great place to reach a variety of students and make a difference. After a few interviews I was selected to be a Career Counselor,” Olivieri said.

 And she has made a difference. Students are able to go visit her in the Edwards Student Center when seeking help with resumes, cover letters, and job or internship searches. However, her value is vastly under acknowledged and unknown on campus. Seniors should take advantage as she will sit down with you for multiple sessions going over cover letters and resumes until they are perfect. Olivieri continues the process of helping seniors by assisting with the job search and getting that first interview.

“Come visit me and network. This is a time to enjoy your journey and reflect on the past four years that you have worked so hard to achieve the success that is headed your way. Graduation will be here soon and all seniors should leave with a solid resume and cover letter, understanding their skills and values, interviewing techniques, job search strategies and how to network. Believe in yourself, know your worth and be persistent,” she advises all seniors. 

With graduation right around the corner, all seniors are encouraged to visit the Office of Career Services and attend all the functions coming up to help with the job search.

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