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A Qualitative Ranking of all of the Impulse Purchases I’ve Made During This Pandemic

This pandemic has led to a lot of people changing their shopping habits.  During my time at home, I’ve made a number of impulse purchases that were supposed to make my quarantine easier or at least more bearable.  Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve clicked “add to cart” on, from the stupid to the useful to the downright fun:


Objectively Stupid, But My Personal Favorite: Faux Fur Rug/Seat Cover 


Okay, I didn’t really need this because I already have a perfectly good rug, but it’s proven to be surprisingly versatile.  So far, it’s functioned as a cushion for my vanity bench, a kneeling pad, and as a decoration that I throw on my bed when I’m feeling fancy.  It cost less than $30 but it looks so luxurious, so can you really blame me for clicking “add to cart”? (


HLZHOU White Faux Fur Rug, $24.99,  amazon.com. (available in 14 colors)


Something That’s Useful but Also Not: Ear Saver Headband


My job had me wearing a face mask for a few hours at a time, so I thought that having a headband with buttons for the straps would be a good investment in my personal comfort.  Well, it’s certainly saved my ears, but its performance of the main headband function (keeping hair out of one’s face) is subpar.  When they’re nothing looped on to it, the headband is liable to fall off at the slightest movement. 


Black Headband with Buttons,$12, etsy.com, available in 2 styles


The slam-dunk I wasn’t expecting: Faux Suede Moccasins


I originally bought them to wear as Slippers, but they actually have really good arch support that I’ve started wearing them outside of the house as well.  The fact that they’re pink and don’t pair with everything in my closet be damned. 


JustFab Mia Driving Moccasin, $42.95, justfab.com (available in sizes 5.5-12 and in two colors)

Cristina is a senior elementary education major at Lasell. She loves black labs, iced coffee, and reviewing every product that she has ever purchased.  When she's not freaking out about how many lesson plans that she has to write, she can usually be found with her nose in a historical fiction novel, listening to a true crime podcast, or taking pictures.
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