Project Runway: Where Is Erin Robertson Now?

It’s been over a month since Project Runway Season 15 ended and Boston local Erin Robertson, 29, won the competition.  A previous student at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she double majored in fashion and fiber art, Robertson is known for her vibrant and unique design style and her impressive textile making skills.



On the show, Robertson was best known for her distinct uniqueness (everything yellow and including bananas was obviously hers) and for the textiles that she made herself. Some of the pieces she made included laser-cut Plexiglas embellishments, hand-woven detailed sleeves, hand-painted dresses, and laser-etched leather accents, all of which quickly made her a fan favorite.






So what is this artist doing now?

Since the season finale of Project Runway where her collection was featured at New York Fashion Week, Robertson has moved back to Cambridge, Mass. and has launched her new and improved website, which can be found here.  On it, you can view all pictures of her work and the latest up-to-date news regarding her.  

Robertson is ready and eager to further her education and work.  It’s no surprise that she has found interest in innovation and the discussion and making of sustainable fabrics.  Today, she is working on her application to MIT and hopes to soon attend there to study sustainable textile technology.  To keep herself busy, Robertson has also started taking commissions for one-of-a-kind, custom orders.

“I don’t see myself being only a designer,” Robertson says. “I want to do other things, and that’s the cool thing about Project Runway. It can open up doors.”




Even though much can’t be revealed about the current project she is working on, she did reveal that it’s with Project Runway.  Whatever it is, it’s sure to be big!

Erin Robertson can be followed on Instagram here.