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Professor Angus McQuilken: Bringing the Real World into the Classroom

Our Campus Celebrity this week is Communications professor Angus McQuilken. Professor McQuilken has been teaching at Lasell for six years, after he was recruited by the Chair of the Communications Department, Dr. Janice Barrett. Currently, Professor McQuilken teaches Introduction to Public Relations and Effective Speaking. Along with being a Lasell professor, Professor McQuilken is the Vice President for Communications & Marketing at the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

When asked what the best part about being a professor is, Professor McQuilken answered, “The opportunity to show young people what they can accomplish and how they can impact the world through a career in public relations and communications.” Professor McQuilken loves when former students go on to pursue careers in the communications field and when he hears from those students who were influenced by his teachings.

Professor McQuilken is proud to work with the MLSC, which plays a large role in the innovation and growth of life sciences and brings new treatments that save lives and improve human health. Professor McQuilken uses his work at MLSC in his courses at Lasell to provide his students with real world examples of how public relations works in everyday life, a unique teaching strategy that engages his students and make his courses that much more interesting.

Outside of teaching at Lasell and working at the MLSC, Professor McQuilken says, “I enjoy time with my family, long-distance bicycling, and surfing.” A couple fun facts about Professor McQuilken: his favorite food is scallops, his favorite band is Sugarland, and he loves The Walking Dead. If you ever get the chance to take a course from our Celeb Professor, you will not be disappointed. His teachings span far beyond the classroom and Lasell is extremely lucky to have him!

Photos provided by Professor McQuilken

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