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Product Review: Fleur and Bee’s H2 Oh Yeah Hydrating Moisturizer

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Fleur and Bee is a skincare company that prides themselves on using all-natural, clean, and non-toxic ingredients. This means no pesky phthalates, silicones, GMOs, artificial fragrances, gluten, or dyes. Not to mention, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free (and certified by the Leaping Bunny). No animal products or animal byproducts here! And if this brand wasn’t already cool enough, every single one of their products is made sustainably. All packaging and ingredients are sustainably sourced and made with 100% renewable wind energy. But wait, there’s MORE! All of the packaging that their products come in is made using FSC-certified, 100% recycled post-consumer waste paperboard. 

To sum it up: vegan skincare made from only good-for-you stuff that comes in sustainable packaging. Truly, there is nothing more you could want from this brand. Well, except maybe affordability… which Fleur and Bee also ensures with their commitment to keep the price of each product under $40. 

With all that being said, I think it’s time we take an in-depth look at one of their products: the H2 Oh Yeah hydrating moisturizer. This is a new product that came out in January 2022, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first few people to try it out! 

The Product 

The H2 Oh Yeah hydrating moisturizer is packed with 21 nourishing actives (active ingredients). It promises to provide deep, long-lasting hydration while also smoothing skin and helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredient list is simple and clean, containing shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, aloe vera, squalane, grapeseed oil, vitamin B5, glycerin, vitamin B3, vitamin E, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, green tea, geranium flower oil, horsetail plant, dandelion, wild geranium, coenzyme Q10, evening primrose oil, safflower oil, and gotu kola. For $24, you get 1.5 oz of product in a beautiful jar that could honestly be used as home decor. 

My Experience 

I started using the H2 Oh Yeah hydrating moisturizer as my moisturizer for one week after it arrived in the mail. After that week, I noticed some pretty cool changes in my skin. My skin felt smoother, stayed hydrated for longer, and I was no longer waking up with peeling, flaky skin from this winter weather. I also want to mention that my skin is super dry and super sensitive to begin with, so I’m always wary of trying new products in case my skin reacts. No reactions with this moisturizer though, and I feel like I have to thank the clean ingredients. Needless to say, this moisturizer is now a staple in my skincare routine! 

Final Thoughts

I absolutely recommend the Fleur and Bee H2 Oh Yeah hydrating moisturizer for anyone whose skin needs that extra little bit of hydration, especially during winter. It was truly a game changer for my skin and I can’t wait to keep using it! I also plan on converting completely to Fleur and Bee for all of my skincare needs. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried a Fleur and Bee product! What did you try and what did you think? 

*The H2 Oh Yeah hydrating moisturizer was provided to the author free of charge by the company. However, this article is an honest review of the company and product and reflects the author’s true thoughts and feelings.*

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