Practical Things to Put On Your Christmas List

     We all love getting clothes and little trinkets for Christmas, and we often feel like Christmas is a time to ask for things we might not necessarily buy for ourselves but don’t need. I know now that I’m and ~adult~ I definitely end up asking for more practical things that will last me, but that might be more expensive. Here’s a few ideas of practical things to put on your list this year:


A Good Watch

     I asked for this last year and I absolutely LOVE the Citizen watch my mom got me (hint: sometimes you can pick it beforehand but still act surprised). It’s definitely more of a big ticket item but it’s a great investment and necessity.


A Nice Wallet

     Consider asking for a nice, maybe leather wallet, these can be found for great prices at Marshalls and department stores, and it’s a nice thing to have now that you have important things to carry around like credit cards, health insurance cards, maybe even a legal ID, all things you do NOT want to lose by having a flimsy, cheap wallet.


A Subscription

     People are always afraid to give intangible gifts, but they shouldn’t be! So don’t be afraid to ask for them. Consider asking someone for a Spotify Premium account, or maybe a year of Amazon Prime; subscriptions you know you’ll get good use out of and will make your life so much easier.



     Again, people feel so obligated to ask for physical gifts and materialistic things that they don’t realize the most practical thing to ask for sometimes is just a donation towards something. Maybe if you have a big trip coming up you would ask people to give you money towards your spending (you could even buy them something with it), or if they know you’re saving for a big ticket item you could ask for some help saving up.


     These are just a few ideas of things that exemplify quality over quantity, consider adding some to your Christmas list in place of smaller things you might not actually need.