Plan a Witchy Weekend Getaway with your BFFs in Salem, MA

Need a fun girl’s weekend or girl’s day trip for this fall? Check out Salem, MA! There are so many different parts of Salem where a group of friends could spend a whole day there or spend a weekend there. Here are our tips for a fun weekend! First, you should plan out your weekend. If you choose to just do a day there and you are trying to save some money, like myself, I would recommend picking out two museums to do. Museum tickets do get pricey, so you and your friends should plan what places to go first. There are so many different museums, so it also makes the day easier and faster planning ahead, rather than running around trying to figure out what to do. Some museums do have a student discount and some do have a discount if you choose to do multiple. Some museum tours also do run out of tickets, so that is another reason to plan ahead, so you do not get there and there is not any tickets left. The past couple of years I have gone with some friends and these were the best places we found: 

Seven House of Gables

The House of the Seven Gables mansion was made famous by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The House of the Seven Gables. It was built in 1668 and is a really neat house to go through. The tour takes you through a good portion of the mansion, and there is a really pretty garden in the back. This makes for great pictures, since it is also along the water. This is also a great read by the way!   

Witch Dungeon Museum

This is also a fun museum. The tour starts with a live reenactment of a trail and then bring people through what a dungeon during 1692 would have looked like. 

Witch House Museum

The Witch House is a self-guided tour. The house belonged to Judge Jonathan Corwin and is thought to be built between 1620 and 1642.

Salem Witch Museum

This one is also a tour that takes you through life-size sets, exhibits, and tours exploring the 1692 Salem witch trials, plus witchcraft today.

Salem Common

If you need a place for a fall photo shoot, this is the perfect spot! The common has lots of fall foliage and is great for pictures, also a great little walk. 

Ropes Mansion

It is another great mansion from the time period. You might recognize it from a scene of Hocus Pocus. It is a really pretty mansion that has a pretty garden in the back as well. In the garden, there is even a little mailbox to take or leave any book. 

Another fun thing to do is to explore all the shops. There are many clothing, book, touristy, and other shops that are great. Now getting into food, because if it is a top place to spend a girls’ day, there has to be good food. Two tasty and inexpensive places that I have tried are Witch’s Brew Cafe and Reds. If you are looking for dessert after Ye Olde Pepper Companie and Mr. Crepe are two yummy places.

Hopes these gave you lots of ideas for your witchy weekend!