OK Guys, This Is Why You NEED to Change Your Skincare Routine

*Disclaimer: This is not professional advice. You should see a dermatologist for any skincare concerns.

You’ve found the perfect skincare routine for you, then a few months later you notice you aren’t seeing the same results. It's not just you, all women (and men) notice a change in their skincare after awhile. There are so many things that go into finding your perfect skincare routine, and you may get discouraged after finding the right one, then having to tweak it again and again and again.

But why might this be? Well, there are many factors like the environment, health, lifestyle, diet, and age. Today, we are focusing on the environment and age because often these are things that we can not control.

The spring can give me acne?

Weather plays such a huge impact on our skin. If you live in a place that has seasons of any kind or if you move to a new environment, this will make a huge impact on how your skin reacts. When the weather changes, it shocks the system. This does not just include places that have hot and cold, but places who have variances in moisture as well.

When we switch from a cold environment to warmer ones, our skin begins to trap oil. This is the perfect time to use cleansers aimed at removing excess oil. When the weather is damp because of humidity or rain, it can cause your skin to become dewy and hold extra moisture. But when we come from warm environments to cold environments, your skin freaks out and struggles to keep hydrated and can cause inflammation. This means now is the time to give your skin some TLC and slather on some moisturizer. When you live in hot dry environments, your skin can be dry and flaky. This tightens your skin and can cause premature wrinkles.

But, don’t worry about the change of weather, just be aware of the changes. You just want small changes to account for it. If you are concerned about how your skin reacts to the weather, always reach out to a dermatologist.

But I’m only a year older!!!

A lot about our skin can change in a year. In a year, your skin can do a 180 and your skin texture can totally change- or you know change just alittle. You need to be willing to take that into consideration when looking at skincare. Maybe, the cleanser you loved a year ago doesn’t work anymore because you no longer have oily skin. People think of age as a factor when they jump from teenage to 30s, but it isn’t as simple as that. You should try to take notice at your current skincare needs and stop looking into the past.