The New Season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 on MTV is back again with Season 10. It feels like it has been a long time since viewers have seen this group of moms, and it feels even weirder to watch their lives pre CoVid. This season is full of drama, and the first 6 episodes definitely need to be discussed. 


Jade- It’s no secret that Jade goes through a lot on a day to day basis as most of her loved ones deal with drug addiction. Her mom’s situation has been especially rough on her, and she does not get a break from it this season. Her mom and stepdad end up moving in with her. They and Shawn end up losing their jobs at the family restaurant shortly after. This puts a lot of pressure on Jade, but with her new hair license, she can begin providing for her family. One cannot help but feel really bad for Jade and this whole situation. However, viewers were proud to see her obtain her hair license after she worked so hard for it. At the end of the day, Jade is all about her daughter Kloie which is really admirable.  


Leah- As one of the moms that have been on Teen Mom since the beginning, viewers have loved watching Leah and her 3 daughters grow up. One of the key points in Leah’s storyline this season is her ability to co-parent with 2 completely different people. She co-parents very well and is a refreshing change from all of the other moms on the show struggling with it. It is great to see the other 2 dads involved and committed to providing stability for the girls.


Chelsea- Chelsea’s storyline has settled out quite a lot, but the DeBoers still deal with a lot of drama regarding Aubree’s biological father, Adam. It must be really hard for Aubree to deal with the constant in and out with Adam and his addiction as a 10-year-old. She handles it really well for her age and is so lucky to have Chelsea and her stepdad, Cole, to provide the support and stability she needs. 


Kailyn- Kailyn is one of the moms who have to co-parent with multiple people. Her situation is really tough: there has been so much drama with her sons’ dads and their significant others as well. The biggest problem so far this season is with Isaac’s dad, Chris. He filed for child support against Kail, since she makes more money from the show and brand deals. His actions show that he is looking more for a payday rather than looking to provide more for Isaac. It comes across really shady. 


Briana- When it comes to Briana and the men she shares children with, it is kind of frustrating to watch. De’Von has stepped it up when it comes to Nova, and it is great to watch him make more of an effort to be in her life. On the other hand, Luis has been aggravating in the situation with Briana and Stella. He is constantly in and out and cannot commit to his daughter. As much as Briana wants Luis to be in Stella’s life, most viewers feel that she should let him go for good (especially after giving Briana an STI). 

Season 10 of Teen Mom 2 has started with a lot of drama and more is yet to come for all of the moms.