My Life With LCFH

The Lasell College Field Hockey team ended an amazing season with a record of 12-7 and a GNAC record of 2-4. This season was one of the best the team has had in recent years. With a new assistant coach, Kelsey Russell, and head coach Caitlin Connolly, the team started off the season with a five game winning streak.

“Playing field hockey in college has made my experience here at Lasell one to remember,” said Taylor Falco, junior captain. “From gaining life-long friendships to being able to continue to play the sport I love, field hockey has given me so many opportunities to grow as a person. Even though it becomes difficult at times to balance school work with athletics, it has made my overall college experience better than I could have ever imagined.”

The team made it all the way to semi-finals at St. Joseph’s of Maine, ending up with a loss of 3-1. This is one of the few times the team has made it to semi-finals in Lasell’s history. Playing a college sport was one of the best experiences, from learning to push myself to making life-long friendships.

“I can't imagine how different my college experience would be without playing field hockey for Lasell,” said Leah Sullivan, junior captain. “Being able to play the game that I love with a group of teammates who share that same passion has really been the best part. I've discovered that being on a college sports team really helps you to understand what you are capable of.”

While at times it is stressful and difficult to balance schoolwork, classes, practice and jobs, every minute of my four years was worth it. It is a sad day when you realize you have played the last game of your career. The moment is bittersweet. Seeing all my teammates who have graduated before me and moved on to get jobs, apartments, etc., I can now see why everyone misses the game so much after it is over. Four years ago, being a senior and having my sports career eventually end felt so far away. Not everyone is lucky enough to play a college sport; I am thankful I was.

“This season for me was like no other, we were fortunate to have such a highly talented team that truly loved the game of field hockey and were passionate about the importance of becoming a family,” said senior captain Courtney Braman. “It was a wonderful way to close out my college field hockey experience and a season I'll never forget.”

Playing a sport you love brings you together with people and strong connections. As it gets closer to graduation, I will miss playing and knowing I will not be back next year for another season. I can speak for my teammates when I say we will always love the game, and miss it when it’s over. We are brought together by the love of the game, and are forever a family, LCFH.