My College Fashion Week Experience

     We have just finished an amazing week of college fashion and fun - a week of goodie bags and caramel cotton candy. As a freshman not knowing what to expect, I was so blown away by my first HerCampus College Fashion Week.

     The week started with the grandest event - the college fashion show! Tons of girls rushed to the venue and waited patiently in a huge line for the doors to open at 6:00PM at a beautiful hotel in Boston. As soon as we walked in, the magic of the night began.

    Once they checked off your name, you were handed your first goodie bag. Ulta supplied everyone with full sized samples of some of their best products. You also got a bag with all different products from other sponsors. These gifts included eyeshadow, EOS products, pillow mist, and the crowd favorite, a Primark gift card.

     When you walked through check-in you were greeted by tons of different booths, all from the different sponsors with different activities to do. Some of these booths also got you another gift bag! There were many different places to take pictures and there was even a button press. When you walked into the room where the fashion show was being held, EOS had a pit of their famous lip balms that you could sit in for pictures. Ulta had a good portion of the space, where they were  doing girls hair and makeup as well as a photobooth with neon lights. Almay had a side of the room where samples of their makeup was shown and you could try them. They also gave out popsicles! The restaurant By Chloe gave out free samples of delicious chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. The other side of the room was for Primark. The runway was in the middle, with chairs surrounding it.

     Once the fashion show started, it was all eyes on the models and the new designs of the season. There were many different styles, prints being a big part of the show. There were three separate shows, all making it a great success and so much fun to watch. It was great to see all of the models and designs we can incorporate into our own wardrobes.

     A few days later was Primark Student Night. Primark held a night where we could go in and shop, with extra surprises to the night that made it so fun. Being my first time at Primark, I was blown away by the event. When you walked into the store, you showed your ID and were given a bag, ANOTHER gift card, and a mermaid tail bath bomb! I was so excited to have ten dollars to spend right when I walked in.

It was so cool to go through the store and see all of the amazing clothes for incredible prices. Each floor had something different for the event. The second floor had two very fun things. The first was fashion illustrators. They had two illustrators come and they drew fashion sketches of you and your outfit on IPads. They were sent to your email and also printed out to you as stickers.

     My personal favorite was on the second floor - the cotton candy machine. We waited in line for some of the best cotton candy I’ve ever had. It was caramel flavored and had toppings such as pop rocks, sprinkles, and even edible glitter. I got edible glitter and “unicorn mix” sprinkles on mine!

     The third floor had a photobooth that was very cool as well. It was great to experience all of these extras while having a great time shopping with other HerCampus members. The shopping itself was great, I got a pink sweater for only ten dollars! I promise I will be back to Primark!

     College Fashion Week was a great thing to experience and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to not only experience fashion week, but also to be able to bond with the other girls, not only in my chapter, but throughout the different chapters within the community.