Movies to Live Vicariously Through Over Spring Break

While TV and social media makes it seem like EVERYBODY is going somewhere exciting for spring break, most of us will be sitting at home. Who says you can’t have fun sitting at home though? Movies are great because they have the ability of making you feel like you traveled the world, without ever having to leave your sofa. So here are our top picks for movies you can live vicariously through over spring break.

1. Spring Breakers (R):

Four college students are determined to have an amazing spring break, even if it includes robbery, drugs and a drive-by shooting.  

First of all, this film will make you feel like your decision to stay home was the right one. However, it also gives you the feeling of a wild, law breakings spring break, without actually breaking the law.

2. Moonrise Kingdom (PG-13):

Taking place in the 1960s, two kids fall in love and decide to run away.

This dreamy flick’s color palette is perfect for spring. Plus, the gorgeous coastal/forest scenery will make you feel like you're nestled away in Smalltown, New England.

3. Monte Carlo (PG):

Grace, her friend Emma and Grace’s uptight stepsister Meg take a summer trip to Paris, but their plans suddenly change when they realize Grace is the doppelganger for a British heiress.

Talk about #VacationGoals. A trip to Paris clearly wasn’t enough, so you might as well fly to Monte Carlo and impersonate an heiress.

4. The Sandlot (PG):


The neighborhood kids have two goals, play as much baseball as possible and avoid the Beast.

Spring means the start of baseball season and no other film better captures the innocence and nostalgia of playing the game as kids. This film will also make you crave s’mores and visits to the local pool.

5. The Endless Summer (PG):


This documentary follows two surfers in 1966 who are trying to chase summer around the continents.

Since this film was made in 1966, it’s quite dated on some of its views. However, the beautiful locations from all around the world will make you want to hang ten, even if you can’t surf.

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