Midseason Review: America's Next Top Model **SPOILER ALERT**


*SPOILER ALERT* This article contains spoilers about a show currently airing!


When America’s Next Top Model was canceled in 2015 after 22 seasons, the last thing anyone expected was a reboot, especially so soon. However, VH1 announced it would pick the show up just a few months later. Before its premiere, it was also announced that Tyra Banks would no longer be hosting, but she’ll be staying on as executive producer. Musician/actress/Rimmel London spokesmodel Rita Ora would take her place. The show’s new life on VH1 would also introduce us to a new panel of judges including plus-sized model Ashley Graham, celebrity stylist Law Roach, and Paper magazine CCO Drew Elliott. Canada’s Next Top Model judge Stacey McKenzie serves as the models’ runway and photoshoot coach.

The format of the show is the same as it was in the glory days. 14 girls compete to be America’s Next Top Model, no boys vs girls, US vs UK or high social media involvement like we saw in the last few seasons. These gimmicks felt unnecessary and probably why less people seemed to tune into seasons 20-22. However, don’t expect the reboot to be the exact same. Ora brings a lot less drama to the show, as she has yet to have a breakdown or a fake fainting spell. She also has yet to create her own Rita-isms or even use the terms “smize” or  “booty-tooch.” While Ora isn’t quite as over the top as Banks, the house is still packed with drama! In the first episode, there are already a few arguments and even a bit of romance, both of which reoccur throughout the show.

In the latest episode the seven remaining models (Marissa, Courtney, Cory Anne, Tatiana, Cody, Paige and India) must dance battle the seven eliminated contestants (Justine, Cherish, Tash, Giah, Krislian, Kyle, and Binta) because one of the previously eliminated contestants will take the place of the girl who is eliminated. So instead of a photoshoot, they do (yet another) music video with special guest French Montana.

India, who’s made the turnaround from safe model to top model has best shot followed by Paige, Cody, the always safe Cory Anne and Tatiana, who surprisingly fell to the bottom three after having best photo last week. Courtney and Marissa were in the bottom two. Even though Courtney’s personality did a 180 she was expressionless during the shoot. Marissa’s lack of dance ability appeared to be worse after getting distracted by her former fling, Kyle, coming back. The judges decided that Marissa should go and Tash would rejoin the models, including her twin sister Cody, in the competition.

This leaves Courtney, Cory Anne, Tatiana, Paige, India, Cody and Tash in the competition. Of the remaining girls I believe Cory Anne will be the next to go. More often than not she plays it safe, and she’s really going to have to bring it if she wants to get closer to the finale. As for a winner, it is clear that Tatiana has the fierceness and ambition needed, which I feel makes her the best choice for America’s Next Top Model.