A Melodramatic Haiku Reading About How I Became an E-boy

Once a upon a time wearing all black clothes was goth or edgy. 

It was a peaceful time, one when the internet was such a simple place. 

Then came the era of Tik-Tok with their hydro-flasks and the E-boys that dawned on us.

Everything had changed, the world was no longer simple.

Credit: Tumblr

The E-boys wearing black nail polish with long hair. Chains on their pants and wearing one too many rings for a “normal” person to wear. Adopting utility pants (of course in black) with buckles on them and oversized t-shirts. Using Tik-Tok to bait people into looking at their hands while blatantly doing nothing remotely comical or creative (RIP VINE).

I found myself stuck in their trend without even knowing, despite being a girl, but that does not matter.

With buckles on pants, keychains, and chains hanging from pants, wearing all black, more than one ring to a hand, multiple dangling earrings, oversized t-shirts, and of course the oversized dad shoes. I had been roped in without knowing it, I became stuck.

I even downloaded tik-tok for the joke of it (eventually it wasn't much of a joke when I found myself on it at 1 am).

It suddenly dawned on me that, perhaps I am becoming one of them. I can blend in.

How did I end up here, I ask myself? I still do not know. 

All I know is if there is ever a time that the e-boys take over, I would be able to blend in perfectly.

                Credit: Tumblr