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I am not a make-up artist. I hate taking the time to do my make-up for my face to look oily or cakey 99% of the time. Despite my lack of skill, I have accrued some makeup hacks through beauty gurus and self-discovery that have never done me dirty. Here are five hacks I live by…

  1. Brown eyeshadow as eyeliner

For a more natural look, using your brown eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush creates a soft eyeliner that looks simple and gorgeous. The much softer look is less intense than a liquid eyeliner. Also, eyeliner is so difficult. If you mess up, it is so easy to blend the brown eyeshadow along the lash line. 

2. Heating an eyelash curler

Similar to how we heat our curling wands for our hair, heating the eyelash curler with a blow dryer creates a great wave. I’ve noticed my lashes are much longer and curl better when the eyelash curler is hot. 

3. Highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes

Putting a slight amount of highlighter in the inner corners makes your eyes light up and helps you look more awake until you drink your morning coffee! 

4. Highlighter on the bridge of the nose

Take the same highlighter and quickly brush it along the bridge of your nose. It creates a cute glow on the center of your face.

5. Lip gloss is always better than lipstick

Lipstick has never worked for me. It gets on your teeth, outside of your mouth, or your cup. Lip gloss always looks glamorous and when it sheds off it does not spread everywhere as noticeably. 

Isabelle is a freshman Elementary Education major at Lasell! Her hobbies include yoga, reading, and drinking iced mochas with oat milk!
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