Madison Paloski

Madison Paloski is a freshman here at Lasell College. She is currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. In her spare time, she likes to sketch, paint, write, and take pictures.

“One day, I hope to be a creative director or a photographer for a fashion magazine,” she says. “My two favorites are Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.”


Paloski currently lives in Albany, N.Y.,  but, she says she wishes to live in a city like Boston, New York, Montreal, or Paris someday. Paloski loves to travel and wants to study abroad in Paris before she graduates from Lasell.

“I love Paris for its iconic fashion statements. I am currently teaching myself how to speak French,” Paloski says. As for right now, she enjoys exploring Boston.

Paloski spends a lot of time on her photography; she has a creative eye and always knows the best scenic backgrounds. She loves to bring people to new places and take photographs for her portfolio. Paloski will minor in photography in her sophomore year of college and her Facebook page for her photography can be found here

Paloski is a fellow member of the Her Campus Lasell team and also the Boston Polished Blog. She will be Her Campus Lasell’s new Senior Editor next semester.


(Photos from Madison’s Facebook)