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Life of a Fashion Major: Ranking the Fashion Shows I’ve Worked At

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Ever since I was young, I have always wondered what it would feel to work in a fashion show. Growing up in New York City, Fashion Week was always hyped up. When I found myself as a college fashion student right outside of Boston, I wanted to get involved in the fashion production side. And so I did! Here are my personal rankings of the shows that I have worked with: 

  1. Urban Pigeons

Last December, I had a special opportunity to help out celebrity designer Gregory “Yazbthegreat” Dubuisson at his Urban Pigeons Fashion Show with visual artist Yotron the Don. This time, I had the responsibility of gathering my own team of volunteers and additional models. As nervous as I was to do this, I was able to get the best team together! The show went smoothly and I got to experience how a fashion designer and visual artist work together to produce a collaboration show. I feel like the fashion world should take notes and work with more artists! Everyone was super sweet and the vibe of the show felt welcoming and creative. Yaz was a wonderful creative to work with and I enjoyed his artistic approach towards the show as well as his trust in me to help find a team of volunteers and allowing me to put my own styling suggestions in his outfits. This was the first show that I worked in that was not through Lasell’s fashion department. It was through me personally reaching out and creating my own opportunity. The show’s venue was located in an apartment that also acted as a venue space for creatives. The whole evening felt like a scene in a movie and I loved it! The funny thing about working this show was that I have always wondered what it would be like to work a fashion show in Chinatown, Boston! And I was able to achieve that dream. Forever grateful!

  1. Reebok

Recently, I got the great opportunity to work with KB Fashion Productions and got to work in a Reebok fashion show along with other Lasell students. This was my first show working with a sports brand so I was already excited. This show was located in Reebok’s headquarters in Boston. Although this was an early show, it was nice to see how companies are able to host private shows for their employees and how they make it as exciting as any other big show. This was my 6th fashion show and it was by far the most fun. The work was fast-paced but organized. I got to meet amazing people, and see how the CEO of KB Fashion Productions, Kathy Benharris, ran a professional show. She was very genuine and I couldn’t be more grateful for being involved. Plus it was a bonus seeing Allen Iverson and hearing Reebok’s own CEO Todd Krinsky congratulate the Lasell styling crew. This was also my first morning fashion show! Definitely an experience for sure.

  1. GASP Industries Boston Fashion Week Show

My first official fashion show was located at the Arlington Church in Boston. This was a much bigger show compared to my other shows because it consisted of a lot of Boston-based designers. Being a freshman, it was a bit nerve-wracking because I didn’t know what to expect. I got to work amongst artists, vendors, and assist in the welcoming of guests and press. They also gave us the opportunity to observe the show in the audience section which was nice of them! The whole experience was a great 1st step into the fashion scene of Boston. 

  1. CasaNova Men’s Boutique show 

This show was also very cute! It was my first time styling men’s clothing and working closely with male models. Everything was Lasell student-based so it was nice to have familiarity yet be in a space to meet wonderful people! I thought it would be a little bit awkward working with a male model but it was the complete opposite! My model Eliso was super nice and so were the rest of the models. Everyone was comfortable and delightful. The owner of the show was super sweet and informed us about the show’s purpose and allowed us to join the after party of the event to mingle and enjoy. The show was fast-paced, refreshing, and authentic. She gave us the creative outlet to style the men’s clothing and accessories. I enjoyed my time and spending time at a fashion show in New Hampshire!

  1. Shop the Cue

This was my first show since the pandemic and returning back to campus. This show took place at the Liberty Hotel in Boston and it was a unique experience. This was last on my list because although it was a newer vibe then what I was used to, it didn’t give me the excitement that I was used to. Nor did it carry the genuine approach the others did. We met the owner of the show briefly, as she was a Lasell alumni, but did not see or hear from her for the rest of the show. Instead, her two employees were the ones who were most involved with the rest of the volunteers and took the time to talk and thank us for our assistance in the backroom.

This was my personal experience working with these brands. I am grateful to receive the opportunities that I did at these shows and explore the world of fashion production. As much as the Lasell fashion department gave me opportunities, I was also proud that I went out of my way to create my own opportunity and work with more designers and brands. Anything is possible, just gotta work with the fears that pop up. I hope to continue to be involved in more exciting shows during my senior year, and hopefully attend as a stylish guest one day!

Jade Diaz

Lasell '23

Jade is a Senior at Lasell, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management. She adores figurative art, and enjoys being creative in any way possible. She is sneaker- obsessed and loves the world of fashion. One fun fact is that her dog Finn, is named after a Star Wars character named FN-2187.