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Lasell College has a wide range of opportunities on campus to get involved with, and Lasell College Radio Club (LCR) is just one of these great opportunities.

LCR moved to FM radio station 102.9 WLAS this year, something so anticipated by Dr. Brian Wardyga, the LCR adviser, and the members of the club for the past several years. Not only is Dr. Wardyga ecstatic about the FM change, but so are the members of LCR.

“It is a great way to build confidence amongst the DJ’s at the station,” said Shelby Jendrewski, a junior at Lasell. She DJ’s at the station on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8AM to 10AM.

Broadcasting on FM radio is quite the big deal, especially for college radio. This change influences kids on and off campus, as well as greatly impacting the club itself.

“Our club is stronger than it has ever been. It’s great to see so many people dedicated to the success of WLAS,” said Jendrewski. “Last year we had a ton of open slots for shows, but this year, there are slim pickings.” Considering Lasell is such a small school, it is great to have so many students getting the word out.

Cas Greeley, another DJ at LCR, hosts Monday through Thursday from 7PM to 8PM, and has also noticed the recognition that LCR has been receiving. “I think it is a big step for the radio station because we are more available to the surrounding areas and you don’t have to go online anymore,” said Greeley. While it may be Cas’s first year here, she has noticed the wide range of audience members who listen in, and in some ways, has made Lasell even better.

“I think turning [to] FM has positively impacted the radio station because it gives us more prestige, considering other colleges don’t get this opportunity to go FM,” Greeley said.

As big as the audience recognition has gotten from FM, it doesn’t change the uniqueness that comes with LCR. Many of the DJs have their own style and music taste, which adds personality that so many people tune in to hear. Candace Rosado is a new great DJ for LCR whose time slot is on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12PM to 2PM.

“I was most interested in the idea of playing my own music and playing music not as popular out here in Massachusetts,” said Rosado. “Turning to FM also reaches more people, and [in turn] more popularity to attract a wider audience.”

All three great DJs have noticed and recognized the strength LCR has and because of this, they indirectly interact with the listeners. Rosado plays mainly indie rock with some hip hop in the middle of shows, and has noticed many people enjoy that hip hop section. She plays a wide spectrum of music genres to please everyone.

“The great thing about WLAS is our influence,” said Jendrewski. “We are not a typical radio station, meaning that we are not required to play what is popular on the radio.”             

LCR has a great team of DJs and staff members, which contributes to the family-feel of the club. As much as LCR has affected the community, it has also greatly impacted the members.

“I have grown so much confidence by being on air and talking about artists and songs that I am so passionate about,” said Jendrewski. “I have learned so many things along the way, and have made plenty of mistakes, but have had the most amazing time with WLAS.”

“LCR has helped me discover more music and it’s been a blast sharing my own music,” said Rosado.

You can catch LCR on 102.9 WLAS from Monday through Friday at 9AM to 6PM.

Make sure to listen to these DJs:

Shelby Jendrewski, Double Alt Hour, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8AM to 10AM.

Cas Greeley, The Riot, on Mondays through Thursdays from 7PM to 8PM.

Candace Rosado, In.Rad., on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12PM to 2PM.

Photos taken from the WLAS/LCR facebook page

Avalon is a freshman Communicatons major with a focus in Journalism/Media Writing at Lasell. As a brand new member of Her Campus she is excited to explore all new and different forms of writing while also expanding her writing skills. Avalon is also one of the DJ's for Lasell's radio, her show is on Mondays-Thursdays from 8pm to 9pm. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, editing photos, listening to music and watching many movies. 
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