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Kyle’s Korner: Miley Cyrus Has Been Rocking My World Since 2006

If you haven’t already noticed, I love pop culture. I love all things celebrity. I tend to know the little facts no one really cares about, because I care about them. If someone tells me a rumor about a celebrity, especially one I stand for, I can quickly dispel the rumor or confirm it based off of their social media or press. Along with this, there are celebrities I will defend until the end. If someone were to ever mess with one of these people, I will be after you. This is one of the celebrities you should never talk smack about in front of me:

Miley Cyrus.


Ever since Miley Cyrus strolled into my life playing Miley Stewart on the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, I have been hooked on her ever since. For the past 12 years, Miley Cyrus has been everything I ever wanted to be.

In middle school, I was part of her MileyWorld fan club online. This fan page had a community tab, a tab for Miley, and a tab for yourself. Cyrus would update it with video clips and blog posts. You could also play a quiz game about Cyrus. Of course, I played to the point where I memorized every answer. What was truly awesome about this website was the early access to concert tickets. Luckily, I was able to get tickets to her “Best of Both Worlds” (you know, the iconic one with the JoBros) concert before everyone else! And they were floor seats! My life was MADE! To this day, that is my number one bragging right. That, and the fact that I also got to meet a young Noah Cyrus (who signed my hand) and Cyrus’ grandmother, Mamaw! This was all part of an exclusive pre-show event for the MileyWorld users. Also in attendance was Cyrus’ mother Tish, sister Brandi, and brother Braison.

Even when Miley was “acting out” and in her “weird phase”, I was still a fan. I found myself constantly defending her against her haters. Cyrus has a good soul and is a very good person. When she was acting out, she was literally entering her 20s. This is a time for a woman to act out if she wishes to. She had newfound freedom, and was taking advantage of it. I don’t blame her!

Not only is Cyrus a musician, but she is also a philanthropist. Cyrus has been featured on many charity singles to help raise money for organizations or causes. Cyrus has also donated money from concert tickets to the City of Hope National Media Center in California. Cyrus also supports charities such as: Elton John AIDS Foundation, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Youth Service America, and Music for Relief. In her free time, she visits sick children in hospitals. Cyrus was even honored with the first ever Global Action Youth Leadership Award at the first Annual Global Action Awards Gala for her support for numerous charity organizations.  

Cyrus is also the founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation and has been an outspoken activist for the LGBTQ+ community. The foundation works to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations. In 2015, Cyrus came out as pansexual and gender fluid, too.

Recently, Cyrus performed one of my favorite songs, “Tiny Dancer”, with Elton John! She looked gorgeous and was positively radiant. John told E! News that he chose to sing with Cyrus because John, “always likes those types of women.” John stated, “I like my women strong, I like them to be feisty. She is certainly all of that, and she can sing.” If superstar and music legend Elton John could support my girl Miley, why can’t others?

Cyrus is a good soul who happens to have a bad image. Luckily, her image is changing and people are beginning to take her seriously again. I’ve taken her seriously all along, I am happy people are finally on board now.


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Kyle Mahoney

Lasell '18

Kyle Mahoney is a recent Lasell College graduate. Kyle majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, with a minor in Business. Kyle has written for Her Campus Lasell for three years, as well with completing an internship with HCHQ Spring semester of 2018.
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