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Kyle’s Korner: Is Kylie Jenner Really Engaged? Let’s Investigate!

After nearly a 6-month hiatus, Kylie Jenner is back on social media. Jenner has posted new posts to Instagram as if she never left. Cute photos in a nice car and cute mirror photos, just the Kylie we’ve been missing.

Of course, Kylie being back on Instagram and social media made fans freak out. What made fans freak out more? The fact that Kylie seems to be wearing a ring on her left ring finger.

Photo from Kylie Jenner

Kylie can be seen wearing such a ring in photos on Instagram and on her newest YouTube video, “To Our Daughter”, which has more than 55 million views as of Feb. 15. In the video, fans spotted a diamond ring on her left hand. Ever since this moment, fans have been speculating an engagement to the father of her baby, Travis Scott.

Photos by YouTube

This is not the first time Kylie had her fans guessing, though. While dating her previous boyfriend, Tyga, Kylie was constantly seen with a ring on her left hand, ring finger. Kylie denied all allegations of an engagement to Tyga, but an engagement to Travis Scott would make more sense right now. Not to mention, Kylie loves posting photos on Instagram showing off her rings, no matter what hand it is on.

Kylie with ring taken August 2015, photo by Radar Online

Kylie Jenner pictured with ring July 2016, photo by Hollywood Life

That being said, Kylie might just be a ring lover, and does not care where she places her ring. Also, the ring could actually be a promise ring, not an engagement ring. It seems like Kylie and her baby daddy are still taking things slow. Even though they now have a child together, they still do not live together. Sources say that the two do not want to rush things just because of their situation, and want to know how to co-parent before being together in one house. Seems responsible for the new mom.

Will we ever know if they’re engaged? Knowing this new Kylie, she probably would not tell us if she was engaged until after the wedding.

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