'Kindness' Kayla Hammersley

It’s not unusual to pass by Kayla Hammersley on campus and see her with a smile on her face. Hammersley, a junior Environmental Studies major from Johnston, R.I., always has positive things to say, even with her large workload.

Hammersley started out in Environmental Studies, then changed to an Elementary Education major. She loved her students, but decided to go back to Environmental Studies and add a Business minor.

“I loved helping the students find out what they wanted to learn,” said Hammersley. Besides her course load, she is also a peer mentor in FYS classes and works on her leadership skills with Emerging Leaders. Hammersley is involved in the Outdoor Adventure Club and Hope for Humanity, but her most important job is being the president of Random Acts of Kindness.

“Random Acts of Kindness is one of the core values at Lasell, and it felt like we needed to push it to recreate a sense of community,” Hammersley said. She and a few seniors created the Random Acts of Kindness club last year, and it is quickly thriving. Hammersley helps plan and organize the events, and encourages club members to promote kindness to students all over campus.

When Hammersley isn’t in class or at a club meeting, she enjoys watching the Patriots games. She also loves being outside, especially kayaking. One hobby she particularly enjoys is watching movies.

“I did my Honors component on the Saw series,” said Hammersley. “I did a paper and study on why it was more than just a movie.”

As for future plans, Hammersley already has a few ideas in mind.

“I want to camp at every national park in the United States,” she said. “I also want to work for L.L. Bean; it’s my dream goal.” To tie in with her major, Hammersley would want to work in the environmental aspects of the company.

The Random Acts of Kindness Club has many ideas for events coming up, so keep an eye out. In between then, you can always catch Hammersley in the library or traveling around campus to her many obligations. She truly represents what her club stands for: simply being kind.

*photos provided by Kayla Hammersley.